Ask Mr. Bear



This new edition of a favorite picture book is for children from two to four. It is a “very first” picture book in every sense, planned for the child who points to a cow and says “Moo,” to a sheep and says “Baaa,” to a duck and says “Quark” and so on. It is all about a little boy who was hunting for a present. “Good morning, Mrs. Hen,” says Danny, “Can you give me something for my mother’s birthday?” So he asks all the animals and nothing seems right for a present until at last he meets Mr. Bear. It is fun to guess what Mr. Bear whispered to Danny, and of course the last picture shows.
With its gay and realistic colors, its very clear pictures of favorite animals, and its simple and charming idea, Ask Mr. Bear has become a classic among books for youngest children.

ISBN: 9780027353907
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Pub Date: 07/1968
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 0.62lbs
Size: 8.31h x 7.69w x 0.38d

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Weight 0.62 lbs
Dimensions 8.31 × 7.69 × 0.38 in