Ascension Guide To The 5th Dimension: How To Cross Over?


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All of us are born with an enormous, inexhaustible strength that is being smothered, smothered, or squelched by those who are considered rulers of our soul, power, and destiny. This book is for those who have realized this and are ready to take action to free themselves from the oppression they are subjected to on a daily basis.

Here, you will learn the genuine rules of nature rather than warped and horrible ones that make people “servants of God” and destroy ‘God’s work’ in them, as this book does.

As a voice from God, this book tries to reclaim the children’s origin, reveal the true meaning of their existence, and explain to them the essence of things as they really are, instead of how they are presented by the powers that be-the stuffed and greedy manufacturers of an endless stream of unhealthy and unnecessary products that poison the human body and destroy the divinity inherent in each one of them.

When God the Father is ready to take under his wing all those souls who have reached such a level of spiritual development that they can break free from the shackles of modern society with its rotten laws and concepts veiled as virtue and hear the voice of their heart and their soul, this Ebook shows how one can and should act in this modern world.

These are the people who are ready to lead others into a new, bright and harmonious existence filled with goodwill and infinite love, who have outgrown their “peers.” If we are to construct cities of light, we need to surround ourselves with those whose genuine skills can shine for the benefit of humanity and Mother Earth in this new, revitalized era.

In this book, you’ll learn how to survive in a completely new environment. In order to live in peace with the environment around us, it is imperative that we elevate our vibrations to match the Earth’s as it moves into a higher dimension.

I am grateful to all those courageous people, despite their family and friends’ disapproval, who dare to take the leap into the fifth dimension without fear of newness or the judgment of their loved ones.

ISBN: 9798759299493
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Pub Date: 11/2021
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