Art Drawing Games and Activities for Kids: Huge Activity Book to Prompt Creativity and Silly Drawings



Art Drawing Games and Activities for Kids (Huge Activity Book to Prompt Creativity and Silly Drawings) is a perfect fit for your kids and your family. This book is jam-packed with fun drawing games, tutorials, and activities that will boost your child’s creativity. There are many one-player games as well as games that the entire family can play together. However, beware, a side-effect of this drawing book might be a lot of giggling and silliness from both you and your kids. Some of the games and activities that are included in this book are drawing prompts, a drawing hangman game(a twist on the normal hangman game), a scribble transformation game, Zentangles, drawing cootie catchers game, dice rolling drawing game, word-search drawing game, turning letters and words into pictures, a symmetry game, cube puzzle drawing, drawing the missing parts game, finishing the drawing game, combination creature game, shared drawing game, 3 cards game, face picking game, drawing Simon Says, as well as more drawing games and activities. There are also some folding, cut-out, and poking activities that will keep the kids excited.This book is a great way for kids to stay entertained during long car rides, during long restaurant waits, as well as any other time when your children need something to do. This book will spark their creativity and will provide hours and hours of fun. Great for keeping their brains active during Summer vacation and perfect for home-schooling This book is about 200 pages long, however, there are about 50 pages that are blank because things need to be cut out.

ISBN: 9781534662827
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pub Date: 06/2016
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.08lbs
Size: 11.02h x 8.50w x 0.44d

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Weight 1.08 lbs
Dimensions 11.02 × 8.50 × 0.44 in