Archaeology for the Woman’s Soul: Awaken Woman, Unearth Yourself, Worship your Truth



“Woman unearthed. Broken open from ancient agonies, dancing in deep dungeons, excavating tarnished truths.”

-Bobbie Stuart- Visionary artist, intuitive spiritual teacher at “Awakening Possibilities.”

Awaken Woman…Unearth Yourself…Worship your Truth–a poetic “call-to-action” infused with life’s vital question (Who am I), a poetic-spiritual guide tells of one woman’s ‘s struggle to free herself from the dark night of the soul while guiding the reader to their own inner freedom. In her unique, poetic voice, the author invites women to awaken buried passions, unearth forgotten gifts and celebrate their Uniqueness. Heal your wounds, ’cause as you heal, the world heals—is the central theme of this epic poem story in five chapters, guiding the reader to arrive on the other side of fear, telling how adversity can transform into Soul archaeology.

It is an invitation to remember who we are as women, listen to our heart’s calling and be of service to the whole. It is a soul map, a quest, a journey into the Essence of what it means to be a wounded woman seeking healing and wholeness. Inclusive and inviting, every woman who reads this poetry feels embolden to reach ‘deep into her life’ and heal what still hurts, in the process acknowledging her sacredness and nurturing qualities. Written with grace and a profound love for life, this book is not one that will collect dust on a shelf, but one that you will pick up over and over, going deeper each time into the truth of who you are in your Heart of Hearts Crafted from the author’s desire to heal her traumatic past, it transcends culture, social status or beliefs, gently guiding the reader to awaken, unearth and worship their truth.

Creatively weaving a tapestry of healing and empowering messages, Archaeology for the Woman’s Soul is filled with the raw emotions experienced by the author on her own journey from Romania to the United States, from Communism to Freedom, from abuse and neglect, to becoming a poet and how she evolved into an ‘archaeologist for the soul’.

None who read this book can be left untouched by these powerful, healing, channeled words spoken with clarity and optimism and a knowing that women are agents of change and transformation that are meant to take this world to the shores of Interdependence and Global Healing, proving through personal experience that freedom from within is possible through introspection and the desire to find one’s true Voice.

Awaken Woman

Unearth Yourself

Worship your Truth

Unleash your Voice

Begin the excavation

Decide to soil your hands

With pieces of your life

Scattered on the ground

You left unharmed…

Awaiting for your labor of love

For self, for the girl inside of you

For the mother still weeping

For the grandmother still hoping

For Mother Earth still hurting…

“This is not simply a poem, it is the story of becoming one with our pain as we journey into higher awareness and celebrate pain’s gift of lessons and guidance.”

“She speaks to women acknowledging often the horrific suffering, struggles and atrocities that women, the world over, face whilst delivering words of understanding, compassion and empowerment.”

“Profound, exquisite, a masterpiece of the soul expressing what so many could not put into words. Simply magnificent.”

Read Archaeology for the Woman’s Soul to unearth your truth today

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Publisher: Archaeology for the Soul
Pub Date: 01/2019
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