Arbatel of Magick


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Thank you for checking out this book by Theophania Publishing. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you soon. We have thousands of titles available, and we invite you to search for us by name, contact us via our website, or download our most recent catalogues. The first is called Isagoge, or, A Book of the Institutions of Magick: or, which in fourty and nine Aphorisms comprehends the most general Precepts of the whole Art. The second is Microcosmical Magick, what Microcosmus has effected Magically, by his Spirit and Genius effected to him from his Nativity, that is, spiritual wisdom: and how the same is effected. The third is Olympic Magick, in what manner a man may do and suffer by the spirits of Olympus, The fourth is Hesiodiacal, and Homerical Magick, which teaches the operations by the Spirits called Cacod mons as it were not adversaries to mankind. The fifth is Roman or Sibylline Magick, which acts and operates with Tutelar Spirits and Lords, to whom the whole Orb of the earth is distributed. This is valde insignis Magia. To this also is the doctrine of the Druids referred. The sixth is Pythagorical Magick, which only acts with Spirits to whom is given the doctrine of Arts, as Physic, Medicines, Mathematics, Alchemy, and such kind of Arts. The seventh is the Magick of Apollonius, and the like, and agrees with the Roman and Microcosmical Magick: only it has this thing peculiar, that it has power over the hostile spirits of mankind. The eighth is Hermetical, that is, gyptiacal Magick; and differs not much from Divine Magick. The ninth is that wisdom which depends solely upon the Word of God; and this is called Prophetical Magick.

ISBN: 9781770833104
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