Animal Attraction


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Publisher: Genz Publishing
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Rachael has never had much time for dating. Between her dedication to her career and the fact that every man she meets seems to want to use her to get closer to her successful father, there isn’t room for much else in her life and her heart-besides her two adorable rescue dogs, Olive and Martini. After a drunken interlude with wealthy businessman and potential client, Gabe McAllister, Rachael finds herself the object of the corporate playboy’s interest. Shortly after, an accident brings about a fateful meeting with a funny and charming veterinarian, Rick Thomas. Suddenly, Rachael finds herself in an unprecedented situation with two very different men vying for her affection. Gabe is a sexy alpha male, while Rick is gentle and easy-going. Are Gabe’s intentions as true as he insists? Is Rick looking for something Rachael is not ready for? And how will she know who is right for her?

ISBN: 9781952919367
Publisher: Genz Publishing
Pub Date: 06/2021
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.85lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.79d

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Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 7.99 × 5.00 × 0.79 in