Anemia Cookbook: 50 Healthy and Tasty Iron-Boosting Recipes to Overcome Anemia and Improve Vitality (Vegan Cookbook – Perfect Gift for


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Mild iron deficiency may not cause any symptoms. When iron deficiency has progressed to actual anemia, there can be fatigue, breathlessness, unusually pale skin, and a decreased ability to exercise. In some cases, there can be unusually brittle fingernails or abnormal curling and softness of the nails called spooning.

New research demonstrates that vegan women have much higher rates of iron deficiency anemia than their non-vegan counterparts.

The good news is that you can still get plenty of iron with a vegan diet. You just need to be a little more cognizant of what you’re eating. Here, what you need to know about iron, why it’s important to consume, which foods contain it, and how plant-based eaters can ensure they’re getting enough.

With This Book in hands, you will:

✓ learn how to compose your own vegetable dishes so that they contain even more iron than in animal products,

✓ how to make its digestibility similar to animal iron,

✓ you will receive 50 ready-made recipes for delicious cakes, sweets, savory dinners, side dishes, original salads, soups, and smoothies that will fill your body with iron (up to half of your daily iron needs in one dessert )

✓ say goodbye to iron deficiency.

Using the recipes in this book, you will not only saturate your body with iron but also other important minerals and vitamins, because the dishes are formulated in such a way as to enjoy the original taste, ensuring that they are healthy and contain as many poor ingredients as possible. in plants.

This book is intended for:

✓ people on plant-based diets who want to learn how to properly compose meals so as not to have problems with iron deficiency,

✓ people who want to know healthy and tasty vegan recipes, traditional diets who are anemic or have problems getting enough iron in their diet.

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