An Esoteric Analysis and Synthesis of the Zodiacal Signs and Their Physiochemical Allocation


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An Esoteric Analysis and Synthesis of the Zodiac Signs and their Pyshio-Chemical Allocations (1932) by Inez Eudora Perry is a work of astrology, homeopathy, and biochemistry that offers an explanation of the secrets of the universe and human health.

Inez Eudora Perry (b. 1871, d. 1961) was an American astrologer and colleague of the homeopath and physician George W. Carey. Dr. Carey was a pioneer in the field of biochemistry. He believed that the application of certain minerals, called cell-salts, could cure disease-causing mineral deficiencies. Through these cell-salts, Dr. Carey proposed that cellular equilibrium could be returned to the human body, eliminating symptoms and creating a health-full, vibrant human.

Furthermore, Dr. Carey believed that each person’s being is the sum of the vibrations that were present in nature at the time of our birth. These vibrations are categorized into the signs of the zodiac. Each sign corresponds to a certain cell-salt, which is consumed by the body more quickly than the others. Supplementation of these diminished salts, then, is required to maintain health and well-being.

Ms. Perry was an adherent of Dr. Carey’s work and his long-time collaborator. She edited and co-authored books with Dr. Carey, like God-Man: The Word Made Flesh and The Tree of Life. In 1923, Dr. Carey brought Ms. Perry on as a partner into his biochemical foundation, renamed The Carey-Perry School of The Chemistry of Life.

Many years before Dr. Carey and Ms. Perry’s working relationship began, Dr. Carey published a booklet titled The Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac. After Dr. Carey’s death in 1924, Ms. Perry revisited this short theoretical work and wrote a much longer book to expound on the concepts presented in the booklet. The result was An Esoteric Analysis and Synthesis of the Zodiacal Signs and their Physiochemical Allocations, published alongside a reprint of The Relation of the Mineral Salts in 1932.

Ms. Perry expounds on Dr. Carey’s ideas and provides thorough explanations of the changes of the seasons, signs of the zodiac, myths of the great civilizations, and the natural world-and how all of this relates to the biochemistry of the human body. Digging deep into the symbolism of religion and language, she thoroughly explores the nature of each zodiac sign and the practical uses of each cell-salt. By supplementing these deficient salts, we can restore equilibrium.

A lack of potassium phosphate, for example, can lead to nervousness, headaches, hysteria, and even paralysis. Quoting Dr. Carey, Ms. Perry suggests that we, “‘Let the overworked business man take it and go home good-tempered. Let the weary wife, nerves unstrung from attending to sick children or entertaining company, take it and note how quickly the equilibrium will be restored and calm and reason assert her throne.'”

Foundational to this teaching is the concept of “body building.” The incorrect way to apply this biochemistry is to only take the applicable salts when one is in physical distress, and then to cease when the symptoms are gone. By consistently adding the supplemental cell-salts to a “moderate diet of natural food, simply prepared,” we keep our bodies nourished and free from disease.

Today, cell-salts, also called tissue salts, are still prescribed by homeopathic medicine practitioners.

ISBN: 9781684930487
Publisher: Mockingbird Press
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