Amazing Evolution: The Journey of Life


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Publisher: Ivy Kids
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Evolution can be a difficult idea to wrap our brains around: it deals with random, unlikely events, combined with vast lengths of time too enormous to comprehend. But the evidence is all around us-in the fossils of long-dead creatures, and in our genes and the relationships between all living beings.

Amazing Evolution shines a light on this incredible process, from the beginnings of life around 3.8 billion years ago, to the millions of different species alive today, including the moon-walking, talking apes with super-powerful brains-human beings

Filled with clear explanations, beautiful illustrations and fascinating facts about the planet’s strangest and most spectacular creatures, Amazing Evolution will keep children (and adults, too ) enthralled for hours.

Delve into the pages and learn what makes a fish a fish, why giraffes have such long necks and how all living things, from cabbages to tigers, are related Amazing Evolution is the perfect first book about evolution for young readers.

ISBN: 9781782407379
Publisher: Ivy Kids
Pub Date: 04/2019
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 1.80lbs
Size: 11.70h x 9.90w x 0.60d

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Weight 1.80 lbs
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