Althar – The Crystal Dragon



Althar introduces himself as a crystal dragon and sheds light on the role of dragons in the greater reality. He explains in detail why the last steps of going beyond the human limitations are so challenging and offers his insights on how to master them. Thereby, Althar talks about the light body and emphasizes particularly the necessity to let go of the emotional body. Althar also gives explanations concerning the essence of energy and characterizes the angelic family of Uriel. He finally speaks about the “Third Round of Creation”, which he calls the dream underlying the dream of ascension, and invites the reader to feel into that grander vision of existence.


1. Introduction; 2. The Dragon of Compassion; 3. An Ambassador of Creation; 4. I am Althar; 5. Seeing through the Dragon’s Eyes; 6. About the Light Body; 7. More about the Light Body; 8. Dissolving the Emotional Body; 9. The Mind and the Emotional Body; 10. The End of Being a Limited Human; 11. The Essence of Energy; 12. The Family of Uriel; 13. The Principle of Ascension; 14. More on Dragons and Crystal Dragons; 15. The Third Round of Creation; 16. A Note from True Self

The Althar series consists of:
Volume 1: “Althar – The Crystal Dragon”
Volume 2: “Althar – The New Magi”
Volume 3: “Althar – Towards Utopia”
Volume 4: “Althar – The Final Letting Go”
Volume 5: “Althar – Opus Magnum”

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