Air Rifles: A Buyer’s and Shooter’s Guide


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Publisher: Prepper Press
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Air-powered guns offer many useful possibilities for informed shooters. First, we can mail-order both airguns and their ammunition, which don’t fall under the jurisdiction of BATF (check your local regulations). Airguns also tend to be quiet – a useful advantage if low-impact hunting is necessary. The right choice will have adequate power for small game, and possibly even deer. From here it gets better since uninformed people will lump them all together as simple BB guns. In fact, airguns still maintain social acceptance not only domestically, but also around the globe. As a result, sophisticated designs have evolved with outstanding performance. Some are even sold in head-turning calibers like 9mm, .45, or .50-caliber On a smaller and more affordable scale, we can also improve our all-around shooting skills while having some low-cost fun. Since an understanding of the various power-plants is essential, this thorough and complete guide will provide the necessary information for its purchase and use.

ISBN: 9780615465067
Publisher: Prepper Press
Pub Date: 09/2015
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.71 lbs
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