Air Jordan Price Guide 2013



Finally a Kelley Blue Books for Air Jordan sneakers Tired of not knowing how much you should pay for a particular pair of Jordans? Tired of having to search everywhere just to find what is a good price to pay? Maybe you’re simply tired and scared of getting of ripped off by resellers? Well, look no further, we have the solution for you: The Air Jordan Price Guide We have compiled values from countless and reliable sources to get you the best values for each sneaker. Every individual price we list we have seen shoes sold for just that much. We already did the hard work for you. What are you waiting for? Protect yourself from resellers and get the guide today Flip through over 600 Air Jordan sneakers dating back from 1985 to 2012 that includes original release dates, original retail prices, colorways, and even the shoe box they came, you’ll be surprised to discovery how many Jordans you never knew released. Add this piece to your very own Jordan collection today. This guide also makes for a perfect gift to that sneaker collection friend of yours. Get yours today

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Pub Date: 07/2013
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