Aikido’s Hidden Ground Techniques


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Publisher: Zen Steel Media
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Do you want to have the edge in your ground grappling skills? Would you like to add a new, effective and unique approach to your ground defense techniques that the competition is missing? Then look inside to read more about the power of the Mukei No Ryu aikido-newaza system. “Aikido’s Hidden Ground Techniques” has hundreds of descriptive photos including a rare photo of O’Sensei, as well as strategies and insights into ground grappling for the street. -Mukei No Ryu aikido is a highly eclectic, improvisational system of aikido. Since no single martial art is totally effective against all attacks under all conditions, Mukei No Ryu aikido uses an arsenal of defenses that can include any physical activity and martial technique. Whichever technique is chosen will be performed in accordance with with the basic principles of aikido. This allows a union of traditional aikido with contemporary needs and sensibilities to form a highly effective method of self-defense and a powerful art.

ISBN: 9780692199862
Publisher: Zen Steel Media
Pub Date: 10/2018
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.91 lbs
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