Agile Project Management in Easy Steps

Author: David Morris


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Publisher: In Easy Steps
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This third
edition of ​Agile
Project Management in easy steps
has been updated to reflect
its ongoing evolution. It explains the principles, practices, and processes of
agile project management, by following an entire project, step-by-step, and
covering the main activities and deliverables, including:

Pre-project start-up and terms of reference.

  • Feasibility assessment and the business case.
  • Establishing strong foundations for success.
  • Iterative and incremental development .
  • Continual as well as post-project retrospectives.
  • Now
    with two new chapters:
    The first addresses how to apply agile
    approaches to projects in more controlled environments. The second looks at how
    the role of project management changes in organizations moving from projects to
    products, where stable long-standing teams work long-term on the same product
    or service.

    essential guide for anyone new to agile projects and a valuable source of
    inspiration for the more experienced. It also includes downloadable templates
    to get you started.

    ISBN: 9781840789744
    Publisher: In Easy Steps
    Pub Date: 09/2022
    Format: Paperback

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