African Mythology: Gods, Heroes, Legends and Myths of Ancient Africa

Author: Jim Barrow


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Are you interested in studying African mythology and want to learn about the African people’s diverse cultures, beliefs, and concepts?

And are you looking for a captivating collection of myths from different African countries?

If your answer is YES, read on…

You Are About To Uncover The Secrets Of The Legends, Heroes, And Myths Of Ancient Africa – Way Before Civilization

The African continent is made up of 54 countries with over 3000 cultures. Each of these cultures has its own story to tell. Some of the stories originate from the secret beliefs of the native people, while others are influenced by cultures that came to settle in the region.

In ancient Africa, myths helped people try to make sense of the world around them. There are different types of African myths; some try to explain the origin of things; others speak of heroes who had supernatural abilities, and other stories are told to caution the people and show them how to behave well. The people told and retold these stories through different generations until they came to be held as the truth.

The fact that you are reading this means that you are interested in finding out more about this rich blend of African myths and you are probably wondering…

How do myths impact culture?

Are some of these myths true?

What are some of the most popular African myths?

If you are asking yourself these and other questions, then this book is for you, so carry on reading. This book provides clear, easy-to understand answers to all of these questions.

This book focuses on some of the most popular African myths and reveals how they have shaped the culture and values of the respective communities. You will also get to know their history and what they really mean.

In detail you will learn about:

  • What African mythology entails
  • Some of the different African gods and goddesses
  • Some of the famous African heroes and legends
  • The influence of colonialism on African culture and how Africa was before the colonial era
  • And much more…

African mythology is very complex and intricate. Some of the principles behind the mythological beliefs were intertwined with real events.

This book will unravel all this ideology and give you a true insight into African Mythology.

Even if you’ve never been interested in mythology but you are curious to know about other people, this book is for you

Get started on this amazing journey now.

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