Advanced Methods of Weight Training: (Original Version, Restored)

Author: Bob Hoffman



“If all you want is to keep fit in the easiest possible way you can do this with the simplified course contained in this group of courses in a few minutes a day, three or four times a week, lifting only moderate poundages. Most of the other types of barbell men enumerated, will obtain all they desire in a physical way from the Four Famous York Courses which have developed more champions of strength and development, more lifting champions, more physique champions, than all other courses combined. Those who desire athletic improvement will succeed best by following the exercises of the Four York Courses, with particular emphasis on the weight lifting courses. Although this course can be used by any man who is not a complete beginner at weight training, it is primarily designed for the man who desires the limit in muscle, in strength and de- velopment. For the man who wants big, strong muscles in the right places so that he will have perfect proportions, the man who may wish to enter physique contests and win great honors and then go on to teaching others by running a gymnasium of his own.” – Bob Hoffman This is an original version, restored and re-formatted edition of Bob Hoffman’s 1951 classic. The text remains exactly as written. This book has many pages with old photographs and illustrations. This is a must have book for your physical culture library. Visit our website and see our many books at

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