Advanced Jujitsu: The Science Behind the Gentle Art

Author: George Kirby


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Publisher: Black Belt Books
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With this new book from American Ju-Jitsu Association cofounder George Kirby, gain access to strength and energy that seems to go beyond physical explanation. Transcending the mere memorization of kata, forms, and techniques, Kirby discusses advanced concepts that will actually simplify training, help learn new techniques faster, and provide deeper access to the inner workings of jujitsu. These concepts can be applied to the entire spectrum of martial arts, as they address the fundamentals of technique, physics, anatomy, relaxation, humility, self-confidence, and open-mindedness.

ISBN: 9780897501521
Publisher: Black Belt Books
Pub Date: 01/2006
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.41 lbs
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