A Turkish Cookbook for Beginners: Learn Delicious Turkish Cooking in Only Minutes

Author: Ayaz Babacan


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Turkish cuisine is known throughout the world for its rich and bold flavors. The style of food spans from deep in the Middle East to the mountains of Central Asia. With yogurts, meats, and spices, Turkish cuisine is quickly catching on in the West, as well, and now we can find restaurants serving Turkish cooking alongside Turkish tea and hookah as a popular nighttime activity. I now present to you this short cookbook where I reveal the secrets of how many of these famous dishes are made. I do say “secret” because not many Westerners practice Turkish cooking, and this is definitely a chance for you to impress some of your friends. Finally, Turkish cooking with many rich salads and fresh ingredients creates a healthy infusion of both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern diets, which are very good for your body. With all of that being said, I welcome you to my book and I hope you enjoy it

ISBN: 9781523387380
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Pub Date: 01/2016
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