A Master’s Key For Manipulating Time


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We rearrange the past every time we manifest, every time we manifest. You never take a pot of gold out of Fort Knox. That would be robbery. But anytime you want to manifest gold that has got a minted mark on it that is acceptable as currency, then you are rearranging the past and your involvement in past events that happened thirty, forty, fifty years ago, and suddenly you are going to live an event that brings you that gold. And all the history books will be rewritten, and one day you will open up and see that you are one of the people involved in it. Of course you didn’t know that now because it is yet to be rewritten. So the study then of the Great Work is to manipulate reality and evolve it. – Ramtha

ISBN: 9781578730643
Publisher: JZK Publishing
Pub Date: 08/2018
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Weight 0.29 lbs
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