A Final Experiment: A Simple, Direct, and Personal Formula to Connect with God

Author: Tom Stegeman


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Publisher: WestBow Press
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Maybe …

Maybe you already think you have a good

connection with God.

Maybe you’re not sure if you have a solid

relationship with God.

Maybe you’re confused about this idea of

Salvation, Being Saved, Born Again.

Maybe you hate this whole idea of people

saying God has a plan for your life.

Maybe, just maybe, this experiment will finally

settle your concerns about God’s existence,

what He wants, and how to meet H‫im.

Maybe what you need right now is a challenge

to settle all of this once and for all.

This book is a step by step formula that will

result in a drastic change in your life, if you take

on the challenge and do the whole experiment.

Buy the book, give up a little of your time

and take on the challenge.

If not, at least read the first and last page

before putting this book back.

ISBN: 9781664215573
Publisher: WestBow Press
Pub Date: 02/2021
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