A Diary of Postpartum Depression

Author: Erin Walker


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Publisher: Erin Walker
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Though public awareness of Postpartum Depression has increased, mothers still feel boundless shame for the taboo thoughts and feelings associated with it.

A Diary of Postpartum Depression is a look inside the hopeless spiral of one mother’s true story of life with PPD, even before she identifies it as such. These poignant and poetic entries offer a heartrending look into the thoughts of author Erin Walker as she battled with PPD. Her sincere and moving account provides insight into the troubled mind of this devastating illness.

From over protectiveness to feeling unworthy and even the honest struggle to bond with the new life she created, Erin Walker’s dark and difficult journey towards getting help is a reminder to all mothers diagnosed with PPD that they are not alone-and serves as a guide for those trying to understand their loved ones’ battle against it.

This book depicts thoughts of self-harm and suicide.


An autobiographical memoir of diary entries written as poems of a mother’s personal thoughts while battling postpartum depression.

Written from the depths of postpartum depression, this work is meant as a method of reaching those who are hurting after the birth of their baby. At the bare minimum, its purpose is to provide perspective.

Friends and family often struggle to empathize with the struggles of new motherhood. This diary was how I chose to express my feelings during that dark and lonely time, and I share it with the world in hopes that a new mom will be able to find a bit of peace and hope after giving birth.

Having a newborn is hard, but many friends and family don’t realize how hard it can be when mom’s brain chemistry is imbalanced. It is my intention to convey the reality of postpartum depression so that, if nothing else, those who read it can find some understanding and empathy.

It is written as poetry because it is the most expressive of languages for delivering the message.

TRIGGER WARNING***This nonfiction book contains mention of self-harm and suicide.

ISBN: 9780578369440
Publisher: Erin Walker
Pub Date: 03/2022
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