A Beginner’s Guide – An Introduction to Criminology: A plain English guide to Criminology

Author: Teresa Clyne


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An Introduction to Criminology ( a boggers guide to an ould Irish chat in the Theories of Crime). Criminology for Beginners has been written for anyone interested in criminology, armchair criminologists or those who wish to study criminology purely for personal interest (shur even if your passing and like the cover…). It has been written in easy to follow terms and will allow the reader to understand the basics behind criminological theories, from the definition of crime to deviant and anti-social behaviour, to the Salem witch trials to medieval ordeals, the history of criminology, classical, neoclassical to modern-day theories of crimes.It goes on the discuss Crime and Punishment and the Legal Systems in both the UK and Ireland, finally discussing the Garda , Police, Courts and Judicial systems who deal with the perpetrators of crime. It covers areas such as: Criminological Theories. Criminology. Antisocial, deviant and immoral conduct. The History of Criminology. The Salem Witch Trials. Medieval Trials. The Enlightenment age.The Classical School. Jeremy Bentham. Neoclassical. The Positivist theory. Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828). Charles Darwin (1809-1882). Modern Theories of Crime. Anomie or Strain Theory. Social Learning Theory. Social Control Theory. Labelling Theory. Radical Theory. Deterrence Theory. An Economic Model of Crime.Deterrence and Econometrics. Environmentalism. Rational Choice. Ethnicity and Crime. Feminist Theory. Age and Crime. Age/Crime Curve. Mental Disorder and Crime. The Original position. The veil of ignorance. Rawls Reasonable Citizens. The Chicago School and the US theories. Right Realism. Left idealists. White Collar Crime. Insider Dealing. Money laundering. Theories of Violent Crime. Murder. Gang Crime. Modern gangs. Theories of Criminal Behaviour. Sexual Offenders. Rape. Biological Theories of crime. Goddard’s work was discredited. Crime addictions. Recognising criminal addictions. A Theoretical Model of Behaviour . Addictions for Addictive Offenders. Media and Crime. The Media Representation of Crime. The Irish Legal System. The English Legal System. This booklet covers Criminology AND both the Irish and English/Welsh legal systems, but more emphasis on the Irish legal system. This is NOT an academic textbook but a booklet which will give you a positive and basic introduction or a grounding in Criminology. I am happy to answer any queries that anyone has regarding my writing, my writing style, qualifications, or just to have a quick chat you can email me on criminology.tee@gmail.com

ISBN: 9781545504338
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