7 Signposts: Find Your Direction in Life’s Foundational Decisions


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Need direction in your life?

Trust the compass, not the map.

Most of us spend our childhoods internalizing a map by which we’re expected to navigate life. Shaped by history-our families, religion, and society-this map tells us where we can and cannot go. Until one day, some part of it doesn’t fit us anymore. Automatically following the same road feels wrong, and it calls the whole map into question.

If you feel discouraged or stuck, maybe even a little hopeless, that’s okay. Nothing’s wrong with you. It just means it’s time to ditch the map and follow your own internal compass.

7 Signposts shows you how to read your inner compass by posing seven decisions that can help you align your life with who you really are. At each step, you’ll have the chance to choose. You can consult that old map, or you can check your compass and design a beautiful, aligned life that’s intentionally crafted to fit you.

ISBN: 9781544534114
Publisher: Hill Flower Publishing
Pub Date: 09/2022
Format: Paperback
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