60 Fortune Cookies


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Inspired by the famous Chinese fortune cookie, 60 Fortune Cookies compiles sixty proverbs filled with humor and wisdom. Perfect for reflecting on everyday life, these adages remind us that “love is blind to the future” and that “the cycle of life is no reason to be going in circles,” in addition to asking simple yet resonant questions to help us meditate on our lives. Each saying is complemented by a striking red and black image and a Chinese translation, displaying the beauty/elegance of Chinese calligraphy. Every page of this book gives readers of all ages a chance to crack open a fortune cookie and discover what is inside. With whimsical drawings, Chinese calligraphy, and both French and English text, 60 Fortune Cookies bridges the gap between cultures of the East and West with harmonious and universal themes.

ISBN: 9781627740944
Publisher: Cn Times Books Inc.
Pub Date: 11/2014
Format: Paperback
Weight: 0.41lbs
Size: 6.35h x 5.81w x 0.40d

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Weight 0.41 lbs
Dimensions 6.35 × 5.81 × 0.40 in