30 Days to Stop Being a Shopaholic: A Mindfulness Program with a Touch of Humor


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Give this mindfulness workbook a try! If you haven’t tried mindfulness exercises before, this workbook offers short and practical lessons that will get you started on your journey to a more fulfilled and peace-filled life. It’s easy to get lost in a chaotic world; mindfulness helps us slow down and appreciate the present moment.

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Let people know you’re practicing mindfulness! Post a picture of your book cover via social media and include #30DaysNow. Our various guides share the same lessons, so you can see how others are using mindfulness on their journey!

The mindfulness exercises in this 30-day workbook have corresponding hashtags that’ll allow you to share your insights and revelations online with other mindfulness and meditation practitioners.

Let this 30 day mindfulness program help you to overcome and drop the thought patterns, habits, behaviors, and attachments that have kept you dependent on shopping.

Disclosure (Shared Lessons and Exercises):

Keep in mind that our mindfulness guides share the same lessons and exercises, so there is no need to purchase more than one book; unless you are sharing with a group or giving the guides as gifts. Our mindfulness guides are created for various topics; however, they utilize the same lessons and exercises, so please be aware of this before purchasing. For example, 30 Days to Stop Being a Shopaholic will mostly have the same lessons and exercises as 30 Days to Reduce Stress and so forth. By reading just one of our guides, you’ll be able to apply the same lessons and exercises to multiple areas of your life.

Give the gift of mindfulness. See our other guides on Amazon or at www.30DaysNow.com if you wish to purchase a book for a loved one or for group study. See the disclosure above.

Guides that make for great gifts include 30 Days to Reduce Stress, 30 Days to Reduce Depression, 30 Days to Overcome Fear of Failure, 30 Days to Overcome FOMO…amongst others.

Please don’t forget to leave a review and let everyone know about the life-changing power of mindfulness! Also, share your experience online by using #30DaysNow, and don’t forget that each mindfulness exercise has a unique hashtag for connecting with others so that you can share your insights and favorite lessons.

Enjoy your journey!

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