250+ Bible Jumble Word Puzzle Book: A Special Brain Workout Exercise of Scramble Word Puzzles from Various Inspirational Bible Verses as Fill-In Word

Author: Omolove Jay



250+ Bible Jumble Words on Inspirational Bible Verses

Welcome to this new book: 250+ Bible Jumble Word Puzzle Book …A Unique Brain Workout Exercise of Scramble Word Puzzles from Various Inspirational Bible Verses as Fill-in Word Scramble Book for Adults and Kids (A Large Print Jumble Puzzle Book) Volume 1

Yes, it is a Bible Jumble Word Puzzle Book in which you are expected to unscramble the words before each themed bible verses in this book.

This is sure to help both young and old to commit God’s words to memory easily. However, you need to note that all words are from the King James Version (KJV) of the bible.

Notwithstanding, I will advise that you first try your hands on what you can do before referring to the bible. In that way you activate the brain workout process intended by the author

One thing I can assure you is that at the end of unscrambling the over 250 scrambled words from over 250 verses of the bible, you can definitely not remain the same again… as the Word of God is known to transform and not just to inform

Just in case, here is the Instruction: Unscramble the word in capital letters to fill in the gaps and complete the verses….

Now, go ahead get your copy and have fun, while getting positively transformed.

Note this puzzle book is suitable for ages 5 years and above. Yes, all ages (young and old) can use it because God’s word is not bound by time and age.

One more thing…You can also find the solution to each scrambled or if you like jumbled word on the back pages in case you get stuck


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