225 Brain-Teaser Activity Puzzle Games for Senior Adults, Big Book #1: Large Print Activities – Word Search, Word Scramble, Word Star, Mazes, Easy Sud


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Our Big Book of Brain Teaser Activity Puzzle Games for Senior Adults offers 225 activities for hours of puzzling fun while helping to keep your brain happy and healthy. Answer Solutions are provided on the back of the puzzle page in case you get stuck or need a little help. How-to-play instructions are included to get you started with puzzles that may be new to you.

Solving brainteasers, word puzzles, logic and visual picture puzzle games are a great way to exercise your brain, relax, or keep your mind occupied when you have to wait. This fun large print book of mind game challenges has been specially designed to help keep your brain young and active. The activities are designed to help increase short-term memory, build attention to detail, inspire creative thinking, exercise deductive skills, and sharpen thinking skills.

As we age, our brain seems to slow down. Our brain needs to keep active just like the rest of our body does. We need to exercise our brain by making it use what it has already learned and learn new things in order to boost our brain to stay active and motivated. We can exercise the brain and keep the memory process working better with a variety of puzzle activities designed to keep the mind healthy and help prevent some side effects of aging.

Solving a variety of different puzzle types will exercise your thinking. You will be increasing logic and knowledge by figuring out ways to solve the puzzles. You will increase your vocabulary by learning new words and your IQ may be given a boost as well.

To solve the puzzle activities, you have to concentrate. You have to use your objective and subjective thinking to analyze each detail when solving puzzle problems. Different kinds of brain puzzle activities are a fun way to encourage us to use of both sides of the brain. The concentration you develop when you are working a mind game is very beneficial to brain health.

Mind puzzles help you to develop skills, learn new things, and so much more. Some of the benefits of brain health puzzles are:

  • Increase your memory skills
  • Teach our brain to use what we already know
  • Exercise the mind to keep it sharp
  • Increase cognitive thinking and analytical competence
  • Develop creative thinking by using methodical strategies
  • Open your mind to explore possibilities
  • Encourage your mind to work at solving problems
  • Give you hours of entertainment and relaxation

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