2023 US Error Coin Guide – Novice Edition


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The US Error Coin Guide novice edition is specifically designed to help new collectors understand some of the basics of collecting and dispel some myths about coin collecting. Error collecting is gaining in popularity as collectors seek coins of value. There are thousands of error coins in circulation, residing in old collections, and hidden away in rolls of coins.

The US Error Coin Guide, our number one seller, includes minor error types not usually encapsulated and additional variations not found in other coin guides. No other guide has over 3,500 validated error listings, which gives the collector the edge in buying and selling coins.
Every year since 2010, this guide has doubled in sales. The author provides a response email address for quick answers to all collecting questions which no other book author provides

Presented in this guide:
– Complete error descriptions and photos
– A detailed description of mint error classifications with photographs.
– Modern-day photographs of error coins.
– Eight doubled die classifications

Listings in this book include:
– Die errors – Errors created from broken dies, collars, misaligned dies, cuds, die cracks, DDO, DDR, off-center, and more.
– Planchet errors – cracked, clips, defective, wrong stock, lamination, unplated, wrong metal, etc.
– Striking errors – Errors caused in the minting process – bonded, broadstruck, brockage, clashed dies, double struck, indent, flip over, uniface, and more.

ISBN: 9798832696959
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Pub Date: 05/2022
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