10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know: Especially If You Have Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, or Ptsd



How do you trust your spirit guides when you have a history of trauma and betrayal? Where is the line between communicating with one’s soul guides and mental health concerns? Does the Law of Attraction really say that we attract to ourselves every painful experience we endure? There are numerous accounts of how intuition or guidance saved lives, but what about the people who died? Do people who do deplorable things have guides–and why aren’t those guides stopping them? Just how involved are guides and messengers in our lives? And how can we connect with our own guides, especially if we’re not religious?

As a young teenager, Sheyna Galyan began writing down daily conversations with invisible beings far too wise to be imaginary friends. After helping Sheyna navigate traumatic relationships, anxiety, depression, and then fibromyalgia, two of what Sheyna calls soul guides have come together to share ten things they most want people to know about: self-talk, trust, compassion, love, joy, grief, trauma, relationships, religion, and money. And when Sheyna questioned and argued with those soul guides, the guides were more than willing to offer deeper explanations.

Filled with humor, wisdom, and a touch of irreverence, 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know will support and inspire you with exercises and reflection questions in each chapter to help you make empowered choices and live authentically from your divine self.

ISBN: 9781592873609
Publisher: Yotzeret Publishing LLC
Pub Date: 10/2022
Format: Paperback

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