The Field Guide to Emotions: A Practical Orientation to 150 Essential Emotions


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Publisher: Daniel Newby
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Humans are emotionally ignorant not because we have to be but only because we don’t make emotions a legitimate focus of learning.

You may see emotions as a problem, but if you reflect on the challenges in your life you’ll find that many stem from a lack of emotional understanding of yourself or others. This can be changed.

Imagine a life where you could accurately name the emotions you are feeling, more easily navigate from one to the next and leverage them as a life skill. The 150 emotions described here in detail will give you a new understanding of their usefulness and importance.

Emotional literacy is a critical area of learning for leaders, educators, coaches, parents, and individuals. Embracing this learning will fundamentally change your relationship with emotions, your capacity to build healthy relationships and ability to create a life you love.

ISBN: 9781732450929
Publisher: Daniel Newby
Pub Date: 03/2019
Format: Paperback
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Weight 1.03 lbs
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