Mallory Cavan and the Madcap Museum Mystery



Mallory Cavan wants two things in life: to be a starting forward for her favorite pro hockey team, and to get through middle school without having to talk to the Scott twins. Achieving one means having to sacrifice the other.

When her K-9 officer father forgets to pick her and the Scott twins up from hockey camp one day, they trip over a detail from a case he’s investigating. The others think it connects back to an old town legend, so Mallory agrees to go hunt for the “rest” of the treasure.

Instead, Mallory and her teammates find enough trouble to threaten not only hockey camp but their entire season, and worse It’s up to Mallory and her dad’s K-9 partner to get them out of it.

ISBN: 9781735515649
Publisher: Jessica Voloudakis
Pub Date: 01/2021
Format: Paperback
Large Print
Weight: 0.58lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.24w x 0.51d

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Weight 0.58 lbs
Dimensions 7.99 × 5.24 × 0.51 in