Bloodborne Vol. 3: A Song of Crows


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Publisher: Titan Comics
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Discover the twisted story of Eileen the Crow in the continuing comic series spinning out of Fromsoftware/Hidetaka Miyazaki’s critically-acclaimed Bloodborne videogame

The City of Yharnam is buried in snow.

Eileen the Crow buries the Hunters. But one eludes her. Poisoned and overcome with beastly senses, he prowls Yharnam causing misery and havoc. Meanwhile the bodies mount, reality shakes, and strange things are amiss in Byrgenwerth. On the hunt for the Hunter, Eileen struggles with her own sanity and the disturbing change that a glimpse beyond reality brings.

Blood and death pervade Yharnam and those who travel in its wake. Follow the quest of Eileen as she looks to uncover the truth of the city, and her most inner turmoil.

ISBN: 9781787730144
Publisher: Titan Comics
Pub Date: 08/2019
Format: Paperback
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Size: 10.00h x 6.50w x 0.30d

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Weight0.45 lbs
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